Friday, October 9, 2015

Bits & Pieces: Got Supper?

The adventures ensue in the Land of We, as the lessons of the newly married continue to roll into view.

Many revolve around food – the ultimate spice of life, or so they say.

Apparently, my “inner 1950s housewife” has come out at times in the last few weeks, because I’ve found myself asking the Lawman what he wants for supper early in the day.

The response given is usually “babe, I can’t think about food now,” or “why are we talking about food again?”

Apparently planning meals of some sort was ingrained in my DNA long before I said “I do.”

For the record, I have a feeling the desire I have to sit down, for a planned meal with the Lawman, comes from years of happy memories from the family dinner table. My family may not have had riches, but my parents made a point to have meals together whenever possible.

So, while I have a desire to have a meal with the Lawman, sometimes my limited cooking skills get in the way.

I’ll be honest; years of busy schedules and single life have lead to countless trips to drive-thru restaurants.

It also meant that I developed a sort of bachelor-ette style of eating – filled with pasta and sauce, rice and beans and well, anything that could be prepped with ease.

I quickly learned in the first weeks of marriage man cannot live on rice alone. Apparently, though, in the case of the Lawman, that quandary can be solved by having corn dogs, hamburgers and hot dogs in the freezer.

But in the event his stash runs out, I’ve been trying my hand at making a few meals, from a cheesy hamburger pasta to a meatloaf filled with oats – yes, box meals, but at least beyond a restaurant menu.

I also took part in a freezer meal workshop, hosted by a friend who sells Pampered Chef. In that single afternoon, we created five different meals prepped and ready for the stove or microwave.

That style of cooking – although it basically took an entire day from start to finish – seems to be my best bet for ensuring the Lawman won’t be forced to eat his stash of corn dogs all at once. It’s definitely a method I’ll return to, once we have landed in our new home.

Ultimately, I think my desire to find a way to feed the Lawman boils (pun intended) into one reason – love.

In my family, food was a way people showed love. From grandmas that cooked to aunts that always had food galore when we visited, food of all shapes and sizes equaled love in my world.

So while I'll quit throwing food at him (for the record his cooking skills are far superior to mine), I will strive to have meals together as a way to feed both body and soul.

Kaylea M. Hutson-Miller is the managing editor of The Grove Sun. Have an idea for a column or story? She can be reached at or 918-786-2228.

This column originally appeared in the Friday, Oct. 9, issue of The Grove Sun.

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