Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Wandering Photos: Wildflowers in DelCo

So I've started experimenting. 
I'm taking time to breathe

Even if it's for just a brief moment or two.

This morning, I turned the car around so I could stop
and take pictures of the yellow wildflowers on my road.

I've been watching them, wanting to stop for days....
Today I said, I can be at the paper a bit late.

I can stop, take some pictures and maybe just smile.

I'm not perfect by far. I'm trying to stop and smell the roses.

Litterally and figuratively.

I'm trying to put some rest into my world.

Even if it's just a few moments. 

A photo of a flower here. 

A late lunch that comes with a piece of cake, 
and a brief moment of solitude. 
(An unexpected gift from my friends at Chickenellas).

A stolen moment to pray in color. 

A moment of rest. 

So here are the photos I took today. 

May they bring you joy and peace.

Photos by Kaylea M. Hutson-Miller 

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