Friday, August 14, 2015

Bits & Pieces: Over or Under?

Over or under?

That was the great debate waged on my Facebook page in the last week after I posted a comment about another "rule" that has popped up in the land of "we."

In our first week of married life in my, I mean, our apartment, the Lawman casually looked at me one night and said "you know, you put the toilet paper on the wrong way."

Ok, let's face it, for years I've heard married friends lament about the way their significant other puts the toilet paper on the holder.

In fact, I seem to remember responding incredulously "you mean, there's a right way?" before walking away shaking my head in disbelief at the things people argue about.

While I know he was kidding (he was trying to make me laugh after a long day), the Lawman was serious.

In his world, you hang the toilet paper over the roll, so it falls in front, rather than under, where it glides along the wall.

After replying "whatever" to his comment, I took my thoughts to the land of Facebook. I asked my friends near and far the following question:

So.... the great debate... is there really a "right" way to hang toilet paper in the bathroom? Roll toward the wall or roll over the top? Yes, apparently I've been doing it wrong all of these ‪# singleton‬ years of my life. ‪# frakay‬ So tell me how do you hang the toilet paper and why?

The results, as they say, varied. However, a resounding number of people agreed with the Lawman much to my dismay.

While the response hang it over the top - so it doesn't roll down the walls - was overwhelmingly the winner, the reasons why were quite diverse.

Some said it's better to roll it over with kids, because it keeps little hands from a) spreading things on the walls; b) from unrolling a roll of paper with ease or c) it is just "cleaner" in their minds.

Other reasons varied. In fact one person said the practice came about in response to condensation causing the toilet paper to become moist as it hung along the wall in homes with less substantial insulation.

Some friends even found "scientific reasons" for the choice. Did you know that some engineering students decided to use this topic for research project in order to determine the most efficient way to hang toilet paper.

A few friends joked that they didn't care, as long as the person emptying the roll put a new roll on the hanger. Some said neither answer was right - just put the roll of toilet paper on the back of the toilet for easy access.

Ultimately, one friend came up with the answer I can live with. Who cares. Life is too short to worry about how the paper hangs. There are bigger things to worry about in life.

I'm humoring the Lawman. The toilet paper is fixed. All is well in our world for now, well, at least until I turn another pair of socks pink again.

Kaylea M. Hutson-Miller is the managing editor of The Grove Sun. Have an idea for a column or story? She can be reached at or 918-786-2228.

Originally published in the Aug. 14, 2015 issue of The Grove Sun.
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