Friday, February 28, 2014

Bits & Pieces: Through the eyes of a child

Members of the Tiger Scout Pack 713 visit the Grove Sun office on Thursday, Feb. 20, to earn their communications badge. Students had a chance to see how a digital and print newspaper works. Have a group of students needing to earn a merit badge for a media-related topic? Tours are available for local groups by appointment. 

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Last week I had an awesome opportunity. I had the chance to give members of Tiger Scout Pack 713 a tour of the Grove Sun office.

Unlike past newspapers I've worked for - that still had the cool presses and layout tables - the Grove Sun's newsroom can be summed up in two words: my desk.

As the boys crowded around the desk, I showed them how to take photos from my phone to upload to Facebook, and how to create a story for our website.

It was all part of a tour designed to help the kidlets earn their communication badge. While young, mainly first grader boys, and well, a bit rowdy (to the chagrin of their parents) it was a fun evening.

One thing to remember when asking kidlets questions - be ready for their answers. I asked the group "what do you know about newspapers?" The response from one young man "they have lots of words and are boring." I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

To the troop leaders who invited me to meet your crew, and give them the tour, thank you. It was pleasure to meet with your group, answer their random questions and show off a few of the things I do on a daily basis.

Most of the kidlets in Grove are learning to know me as the "newspaper lady" which becomes quite fun as I see them at different events. Their enthusiasm for life becomes quite contagious.

As I approach my one year anniversary with the paper (April 20), I'm glad to live in town where I can share life with the people around me. Thanks for helping Grove truly feel like home.

So, if your group of kidlets needs to tour a newspaper to learn about journalism, social media, photograph or just to see "behind the curtain" of how we do things at the paper, let me know. We're happy to work out a time when you can stop by the office.

Girl Scout Cookies are in town

In case you missed it, boxes and boxes and boxes of Girl Scout cookies have arrived in Grove.

I have on good authority from scout leaders that you can get your "fix" in this weekend thanks to booth sales at Walmart, Harps and other locations throughout the area.

For those of you who plan to give up sweets for Lent, you have until Tuesday to purchase and eat your stash - because Ash Wednesday is well, Wednesday!

A personal favor

Last year, I wrote a column about Canaan, a kidlet in my life, who needed a bone marrow transplant.

Canaan had his transplant and has been recovering in Houston. Test results earlier this week have raised concerns that he may be rejecting his transplant.

If you could remember Canaan, and well, everyone who might be facing the need for an organ transplant or might be recovering from treatment.

One last thing

Starting next week, in the Grove Sun, you'll find an ad featuring well, a movie trivia question. We'll explain how the contest will work in Tuesday's paper, but the basic jist is this - bring in the answer to the question of the day and you'll be entered in a drawing for a pair of movie tickets we'll award at the end of March.

Happy welcome back and boat show weekend. Hopefully March will bring sunnier days - cause I don't know about you, but I'm ready for flip flop weather again!

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