Friday, September 13, 2013

Bits & Pieces: Traditions

Traditions. I heard this word a lot this week, especially as it applied to homecoming including homecoming at Grove High School.

For those not in the "loop" here's the issue in a nutshell. Two years ago, the GHS student council polled students and made changes to the traditional format of homecoming.

Rather than have four ceremonies, during the school year—representing band, football, wrestling and basketball—the student body instead chose to hold one school-wide event. Representatives in the ceremony would come from every organization, rather than a few, allowing more students to be recognized in the time-honored tradition known as homecoming.

On Tuesday, adults and students, some led in part by an online petition drive, approached the school board to return the ceremony back to its traditional format of years past.

Two columnists in today's edition lay out both sides of the issue succinctly. Feedback on the various posts related to the topic on The Grove Sun's Facebook page shows a sampling of the thoughts of the community.

To say this is an issue many are passionate about is putting it mildly.

But here's the deal. Like it or lump it, the decision has been made. The school board has decided the course of action for this school year.

Homecoming on Oct. 11 will continue to be the "new version" put in place two years ago by the student government. Think of it as Homecoming 2.0. Nothing wrong with it, it's just had some improvements and looks different. Homecoming 3.0 will not be unveiled until 2014.

Girls (and guys) are now in the process of being tapped to represent various clubs at the ceremony. Some are already looking for the perfect outfit and dreaming of standing under the Friday night lights.

It is my hope, regardless of what side of the issue you stand on, that we as a community find away to uphold the best homecoming tradition of all—honoring and supporting the current students involved in this year's event.

Every single young person who walks across the football field during the ceremony deserves nothing less than the best support the community can, and should, offer.

Each candidate, regardless of what organization they represent, deserves to have an amazing moment in the spotlight.

Personally, for me, that's the best part of the homecoming tradition. The community coming together to recognizing students and their achievements.

Ultimately, we have a choice. We can either hold our heads up, act like adults and support the students on Oct. 11; or we can choose to be resentful because of disagreements with Tuesday's decision.

It is my hope, we can do the former. The community will stand along the streets during the parade, and football field sidelines, cheering its heart out for the various candidates. We will unite to celebrate the moment and rejoice with the the students crowned king and queen.

The students at Grove High School deserve nothing less than the best.

Kaylea M. Hutson is the managing editor of The Grove Sun. She can be reached at or 918-786-2228. This column originally appeared in the Sept. 13, 2013 issue of The Grove Sun.

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