Friday, September 27, 2013

Bits & Pieces: The Bits of Life

Sometimes my job, as managing editor, is well, full of surprises. Last Saturday was no exception.

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of interviewing Bessie Kinion, a member of REC who was literally there, when the lights first came on at her farm in rural Adair.

Kinion was a hoot to meet. She was at REC Day with her granddaughter and great-great granddaughter, along with other family members.

Kinion reminded me of my grandmother. She has such a positive spirit, and I could tell, would be a hoot to hang out with.

I loved hearing her stories - I wish we would have had more time to talk - about watching the REC guys hand dig the holes for the electric poles.

I also loved knowing what her first electrical appliance was - an iron. She was tired of ironing jeans and other clothing items for her family with those "sad" irons that needed to be warmed on the stovetop.

Thank you Bessie, for sharing your stories, and taking time out of the festivities to talk with me during REC Day.

Sails and more

Saturday also included a first - my first "sailboat race" on Grand Lake.

While I wasn't on the sailboat, I had a chance to ride on the "press boat" thanks to Kurt and Patsy Hagen, and "chase" the action from start to finish.

While the race was a bit longer than I anticipated - three hours - it was so nice to ride on the boat, watch the teams do different things - who knew someone might hang off of a boat - and well, listen as Kurt explained the action.

After three hours on the lake, I was a bit wind-swept, sunburned and well, relaxed. I also took more than 800 photos along the way. I've narrowed it down to about 70 - so if you like sailboats and water, you might want to check it out.

Thanks to the Grove Rotary Club and the Grand Lake Sailing Club for making the outing possible. The race, which put Mark Gardner and the Peacemaker up against Mark Simmons and The Eagle, was auctioned off as part of this year's Lobsterfest. So a fun outing that had a double benefit - it raised $2,000 to help local non-profits. Double kuddos to the groups.

Rock The Runway

My camera got another workout on Tuesday night, as seniors from Grove High School "rocked" the runway during the 2014 Project Graduation fundraiser sponsored by Photography by Katherine and others.

It was fun to watch the seniors - 35 in all - strut their stuff on the catwalk. Some had a few surprises in their "walk" I personally loved the couple who stopped at the end of the runway to take a "selfie" - a photo of themselves with a cell phone - and the guy who walked the runway on his hands.

Kudos to the seniors and everyone involved who helped raise at least $600 for next spring's project graduation, Judging by the audience response, next year's event will need a bigger venue.

Most Inspirational Woman

So, have you thought about who has inspired you? Have you taken time to submit a nomination for the 2013 Grand Lake's Most Inspirational Woman contest? If not, what are you waiting for? We're accepting nominations at The winner of this year's contest will receive, among other prizes, a $150 spa treatment at Ne├ęSpa at Downstream Casino. The deadline to submit a nomination Monday, Sept. 30.

Have fun this weekend. If you capture a shot at Pelican Festival this weekend, submit your favorite photo - and what's happening in it - to me at We'll showcase our favorite pics next week.

Kaylea M. Hutson is the managing editor of The Grove Sun. She can be reached at or 918-786-2228. This column originally appeared in the Sept. 27, 2013 issue of The Grove Sun. 

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