Friday, July 19, 2013

Bits & Pieces: Gummy worms and Grove

“Did you really just post a question of the day on Facebook about gummy worms,” asked a co-worker with a mix of laughter and sarcasm in his voice. “Have you lost your mind?”

Nope. It was just another #QofD: on the Grove Sun’s Facebook page. As many will tell you, we try to mix up the topics used to create the #QofD — Question of the Day, for our non-hashtagging readers.

Sometimes we ask about serious topics, like today’s Facebook Feedback — related to the George Zimmerman trial, and other times, we ask about lighter topics, like “What do you do when you are bored” or “What books are in your summer reading pile.”

Ultimately, the #QofD: is simply designed to generate discussion about a variety of things.

And then, sometimes, you have a question about gummy worms, that leads to a bonus discovery about Grove.

Thanks to a few readers, we found out a local business (the Shiver Shack located in the Broadway parking lot) actually mixes gummy worms into its shaved ice treats.

Actually, you might just be surprised to learn what Renae Griffith tosses into some of the shaved ice creations at the shack.

Griffith shared some of her secrets for an upcoming #IAmGroveOk feature. Trust me, these aren’t your average shaved ice drinks!

Speaking of #IAmGroveOk, I hope you’ve been following our summertime series, which features people who make up the fabric of Grove.

This week, I stopped by a rehearsal of “Charlotte’s Web” at The Playmakers in Grove and sat down for a few moments with Charlotte, also known locally as Riley DuBois.

Riley is an interesting 13-year-old, and you can read more about her experiences with The Playmakers and life in this week’s #IAmGroveOk.

I’ll be honest, I’m having a blast finding people to profile. In fact, here’s a word of warning, I’m on the look out for additional victims, I mean, subjects to profile. You might be next on my list to call.

On a semi-serious note. I am looking for people to showcase what makes Grove great. If you have a suggestion, for an #IAmGroveOk feature, please email me at

For now, the series runs through Labor Day, but we as a staff have enjoyed it so much, it might just stay in the paper for the foreseeable future.

A look ahead

So I hear there’s a Bobber Drop, a Pelican Festival and more coming in the next few weeks. After three months, I think I’m starting to get into the swing of the “lake culture.” I still haven’t figured out a lot about bass fishing (I’m working on that), and I haven’t been noodling yet (another possible column), but life is certainly not boring here.

Before You Go

I was given a sneak peak Wednesday at the quilts on display at the “Artisans on Display” show, taking place this weekend at the Grove Community Building. You can get a taste of what’s there by looking at today’s Grand Lake Magazine.

Let me tell you, the pictures only show part of the story. I am amazed at the talent and creativity found within those quilts. If you have a chance to go to the show this weekend, check it out. It’s a beautiful display of fabric art. Truly artisans are on display in Grove.

Oh, and before I forget, Clint Walker is headed to St. Louis in the next few days to try out for NBC’s The Voice. His plan is to send me text updates about his adventures, so we can have a running blog on We’re still working out a few bugs, but hopefully fans back here in Oklahoma can experience his adventure one “tweet” at a time.

Well, that’s the bits and pieces for this week. Have a great weekend!

Kaylea M. Hutson is the managing editor of The Grove Sun. She can be reached at or 918-786-2228. This column originally appeared in the July 19, 2013 issue of The Grove Sun

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