Thursday, April 4, 2013

Celebrating life

It's the Thursday of the first week of Easter (yep, Eastertide last another 45 days). It's a good time to think about life and more.

I love this quote I found recently by Emily Dickinson "I dwell in possibilities."

Possibilities. Or in Easter terms - New Life.

What new things will arrive with the coming of spring? Can you imagine (my word for 2013) what the future might hold if we, as Emily Dickinson eluded to, step into what life could be?

It's fun (and a wee bit scary) to think about all things new. Sometimes the things of yesterday hold us back. Trapping us from even dwelling in today, let alone the future.

But just imagine what could happen if embraced the gifts given to us by God during this Easter season.

Who knows, maybe we'd do a bit more celebrating of life, and a little less complaining. Maybe we would find joy. And just maybe it would be amazing.

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