Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lent Photo Day 46: Roots

Lent Photo Day 46: Root. Part of what makes me me. #rethinkchurch #40days

This is a photo from my parents farm.

The dairy part of the farm is long gone - thanks to the Great Ice Storm of 2000/2001. (That was a hard storm).

Instead my folks raise horses and cattle.

I truly think that the values I learned and experiences that I had growing up on a farm have given me the roots to face life's challenges.

Roots are needed - without them, a plant withers and dies.

We need roots - because it helps us grow strong.

It keeps us from being blown over by the winds of life.

Roots make us who we are.

So today, I'm grateful for where I got my "start."

I may be "transplanted" to the "city" now, but the farm is forever part of my heritage and life.

Which, honestly, is not a bad thing.
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