Monday, March 11, 2013

Lent Photo Day 27: Happy

Lent Photo Day 27: Happy. A few things that made me happy on Monday. #rethinkchurch #40days

Today's theme focused on the word happy - so I tried to capture a few things that simply made me happy today.

1) A Dream So Big by Steve Peifer.
I know I included this book in an earlier theme/photo. I've truly enjoyed reading about Peifer's experience - and continual projects - in Kenya.

Some of his stories have made me cry, others made me laugh hard enough I could have snorted coffee.

Ultimately, Peifer has given me a new picture of service, of how one person can make a difference in the lives of thousands.

(On a side note, I actually brewed pretty good cup of Blond coffee using my k-cup filter!)

2) Music
Listening to the music of The Museum (yes on my "old-school" iPod), makes me happy right now for a couple of reasons.

...The words and music of this group is inspiring. I love how they simply
worship God with their creativity.
...I'm remembering why I love music - and how it can help me "zone" out as I work.

3) Hot tea and Cookies anyone?
Yes, I hang out at Starbucks. Yes, I drink a lot of tea. I'm love how Earl Grey just seems to have a relaxing quality. The cookie - well, everyone needs a bit of chocolate in your life right? (Besides, my "gold" card means I can get tons of free refills on the tea.)

4) Watching E Dance
Tonight (Monday) I went to Canvas Community to experience their unique worship service. One of the blessings - getting to see E dance as the praise band played the last song.

Sometimes, watching a wee one be themselves can bring great joy - and E's expression of praise definitely made me happy!

So here are a few things that made me happy on Monday.

God is good.... all the time!
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