Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lent Photo Day 17: Prophet

Lent Day 17: Prophet - a cross in a friend's yard.

Lent Day 17: Prophet - 2.0. The Museum sharing God's message thru their lyrics.

I started out wondering what I would capture, that represented today's theme: prophet.

What makes a prophet?

Is it the signs or things we place in our yard, or car - or even our bodies (t-shirts, tattoos, etc.).

Or is it what we say?

The music of The Museum (at #Veritas13) grabbed hold of me.

Lyrics of songs can be prophetic.

They can spread the truth - especially about things related to faith.

The words of The Museum were prophetic last night, and amazingly just what I needed.

I truly felt God's love pour over me, as they sang songs full of love, hope and compassion.

So a prophet doesn't need to stand on a street corner, or ascend to the top of a mountain.

Sometimes they can be found on a youth conference stage.

Which makes just awesome.

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