Thursday, February 28, 2013

Making Prayer Shawls

In January, the tweens created No Sew Prayer Shawls to give out to students in need of some comfort and love.

The first step was to cut them out.....we learned that good scissors are a must. We also learned that we need to "double knot" the fleece strips - like you knot a shoestring.

After cutting them out, and tying them together, you must pray over them - for the students who will get them in the future!

And obviously, you must show them off in a cheesy picture!

Our finished prayer shawls. We ended up making 15 in the hour - at least half were precut before we started. (That helped - so some tweens started tying knots, while others cut strips.)

Original Source: Danyelle Trixler Ditmer (with modifications - aka what we learned).

- Good pair of scissors
- Yard stick
- 2 – 60”x26” pieces of fleece
(FYI - thin fleece didn't work well)
- 3”x3” cardboard template

- Lay out fleece wrong sides together (if “wrong” sides are evident)

- Match up edges
--- This is important!!!!

- Pin together to hold while you knot (I used jumbo paper clips)
--- The "big binder clips" aka what you find in the office supply store work great to hold onto the sides.

- Cut off rough edges
--- We needed to "trim" the pieces to make them even.

- Cut 3”x3” square out of each corner
--- We ended up cutting a 4x4 square - so the strips would be a bit longer for little fingers.

- Make 3” deep cuts at 1” intervals around all 4 sides
--- If you cut 4x4 squares, obviously you'll cut 4-inch strips.
Once you have all of the cuts, you need to start in one corner – Tie an overhand knot close to blanket edge – Use one strip from top fleece, one from bottom fleece – Tie second knot.
--- Tell the kids to make a double knot - like they "double knot" their shoe strings.

– Make sure the knot is tight.
--- You might have to "tighten" the knot so the pieces don't come apart.

- Knot EVERY OTHER pair of strips until you are all around the blanket one time. Turn blanket over – Knot the same way until you have tied all your knots.
--- AKA - the tweens didn't really do this step, and it went ok...

- Use your template as a guide to keep cuts even and equally deep
Keep your knot tie tension steady while tying your knots so you don’t overstretch the fleece.

- Snug knots will hold well through washing/drying.

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