Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lent Photo Day 5: Settle

Day 5: Settle.

I thought a lot about what to take for this picture.

Actually, this entire list is making me stop, ponder and struggle with each day's theme.

It feels like I'm diving into the thought process behind every word, stopping and examining what the theme might mean in my life.

To say that it has started to make this a very unique Lenten journey, is well, an understatement.

Today's theme is Settle.

This word and the quote I found in #rethinkchurch's accompanying meditation ran through my brain most of today:

"It may even be that this is the year you'll say, Yes, God, I hear you calling. What will you have me be and do?....Where is your wandering and journeying leading you to settle down?"

Who ever said one word can't have a lot of power or meaning was flat out wrong.

What does it mean to be "settled."

Does it mean a perfect job, 2.5 kids, a house, husband and more?

Or does it mean stepping out in faith all while living out a calling given to me by God.

It may also mean having a faith like the song writer Horatio Stafford, who penned "It Is Well, With My Soul" - a "praise God, in the hallways" type of song.

Stafford wrote it the song at sea, as his own ship passed the spot his daughters perished in an earlier accident. Only his wife survived that tragedy. This of course, came after his family suffered tremendous setbacks and loses.

Through the song, Stafford chose to say, no matter what happens, or no matter the circumstance, it was well with his soul.

So, today, I'm "settling" taking a moment to stop, breathe and simply soak in the peace that comes from God, because it truly is well with my soul.

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