Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Lent Photo Day 1: Who Am I

It's Day 1 of the reThink Church Lenten Photo A Day challenge.

Today's theme is "Who Am I".

I struggled with this challenge.

Who am I?

Sometimes I feel like a scrappy quilt.

Lots of pieces, that create the whole.

So I'm a person who:
Likes to read.
Cries when a friend surprises me with flowers - a day before Valentine's Day.
Is A Writer & Photographer (Let's face it, once a journalist, always a journalist.
Is creative. (Praying in Color, putting sermons into images)
Wrangles kidlets.
A follower of Jesus.
Someone who asks questions - especially about faith issues.
A friend.

So here's to the first day of the challenge. It's making me think about Lent in a different way. Which is, a good thing.


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