Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Home Run - Opens April 19

Last night, I had an opportunity - thanks to a friend - to go to a screening of Home Run.

The movie tells the story of baseball all-star Cory Brand, who must face life spiraling out of control both on and off the field due to his addiction to alcohol.

When his team suspension and a DUI sends him back to his hometown, Cory finds himself coaching his brother's youth baseball team - and spending eight weeks in the only recovery program in town, a Celebrate Recovery.

Ultimately, as Cory comes to terms with his hurts, habits and hang ups (the family he left behind, a painful past with an abusive father and an addiction to alcohol) he begins to find freedom and hope - through the redemption provided by faith in Jesus.

"Home Run reminds us of the power of forgiveness, the richness of redemption, and the wisdom of trusting God to revive us." - Max Lucado.

I found Home Run to be a powerful movie. It held my attention. It made me want to tell a friend who is establishing a new CR ministry all about it.

Just like Lucado said, the movie is full of redemption and hope. Ultimately, through an intense struggle, Cory learns to deal with his past in a way that brings about restoration in a variety of ways.

As a side note, the recovery group - Celebrate Recovery - was portrayed in an accurate and honest way. The layers of faith were appropriate to the story. It was not overwhelming or gratuitous. The testimonies given (by both men and women) during the worship setting were powerful. The scenes during the open share group gave the story another layer of authenticity.

This is not a "preachy" movie. It's a movie that accurately portrays faith in a honest, engaging way. It is instead, a story that is strong, well written and has a powerful message.

On the scale of one to five, it's definitely a four. The movie will leave you thinking. It will hopefully introduce people not only to Celebrate Recovery, but to the redeeming power of Jesus' love.

Find out more about the movie, and Celebrate Recovery (and other national sponsors) at

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