Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blog Tour: I Still Believe (Review)

I picked up Jeremy Camp's memoir, I Still Believe, because I love this genre of book.

I was not disappointed.

Camp's memoir is honest, open and at times, even painful, as he recounts how God has moved in his life - especially with the illness and ultimate death of his first wife, Melissa.

In fact, the story opens with Camp struggling to pick up his guitar and write music again after Melissa's death. Through the pain and healing, Camp wrote the song that became the title of his memoir - I Still Believe.

Belief is the thread that runs through this book. Through the ups and downs of his life, Camp shows how his faith has grown even amidst the trials. He weaves in the lyrics, so readers can get the "back-story" behind his songs.

The memoir also shows how God brought his wife, Adrienne, into his life, and the ups and down of that relationship - including the loss of their third child to miscarriage. It also walks through the roller coaster of his musical career.

Ultimately, Camp's story is one of hope and redemption. It doesn't show a life that's been all "rainbows and lollypops" but instead shows one that is authentic in actions, words and deeds.

I enjoyed reading this book. It encouraged me, gave me hope and truly gave me something to think about. Reading it in public, gave me an opportunity to have a candid conversation with a stranger.

Camp could have written a book that sugarcoated everything that happened in his life so far - but instead he decided to "rip off the band-aid" and write a candid account of his doubts and struggles.

Through it all, his faith shines through as a strong witness. On a scale of one to five, I give this book a solid four and a strong recommendation.

More About The Author
Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp has written songs that have touched millions of lives. His lyrics reveal a heart that’s been broken and a faith that has been tested and restored.

In I Still Believe, Jeremy shares, with unflinching candor and emotion, the extraordinary story behind his award-winning lyrics–from his impoverished childhood, rebellious teenage years, and spiritual awakening at Bible College, to the tragic loss of his first wife, Melissa, to cancer and the heart-wrenching spiritual journey that followed–a journey that reignited Jeremy’s faith, inspired some of his most beloved songs, and paved the way for a second chance at love with his second wife, Adrienne.

This memoir is a must-read for Jeremy Camp fans everywhere, and an inspiring, encouraging read for anyone who has ever experienced loss.
- See more at: http://tyndale.com/I-Still-Believe/9781414375595#.US1e52d_inI

Note: As a freelance journalist, I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher, Tyndale House. This review was not influenced by a free book - just in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail.

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