Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year

I have a confession to make.

I sketch in church.

Much to the dismay of some family members (I'll let them be nameless), my way of processing a sermon/service has become well, different and to their embarrassment, maybe a bit unconventional.)

But it's a way I can engage my brain, and hands, so I can focus - and really absorb what I'm hearing. I tend to sketch using my electronic sketch pad (Sketchbook pro -free version) app on the good old iPad.

It started as a way to "Pray in Color" (a creative form of prayer) and evolved into well, into something else. My inner geek also turned it from a paper journal and pen into something I do on the iPad.

Sunday's sermon by my friend Clark gave me a lot of food for thought.
As he talked, I drew this picture.

It's a combination of a variety of things - his illustration of finding new growth springing up from an "old' tree stump in the woods, and his visual illustration of the scene in Chronicles of Narnia: Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe, where Father Christmas gives three of the children gifts.

Clark compared Father Christmas' actions to how the Holy Spirit gives us gifts to use and help others.

Two things struck me.

First: Hope is present in our lives - no more so than at the start of a New Year. The "thaw" that brought Christmas to Narnia also brought hope to everyone in the land.

There's something refreshing about 01/01/13 - it's like we've been given a fresh sheet of paper in life's sketchbook, that's just aching for something new.

Second: What new seeds has God planted in my life, which will grow into something amazing this year? What new growth will come from something I think is "dead" or at least, obsolete. What change or at least, new adventure, is in store for me this year?

I'm still processing Clark's sermon. But I know one thing, on this cold, gloomy day. Just like Father Christmas says in Narnia: Winter is not forever, and Aslan is on the move.

God has a plan for 2013. I'm just waiting for it to spring up and start to grow.

Winter is not forever. Hope for a new year and a new future is here. I just have to imagine the possibilities.

Hum... imagine, my word for 2013.... more on that later.

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