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Blog Tour: Nowhere But Up (Review) - Justin Bieber's mom's story.

Go anywhere where young teen girls gather, and in many cases you'll hear the words "Bieber Fever."

Let's face it, the music of Justin Bieber has saturated the lives of many tweens.

(I know of one specifically in my life, that loves his music so much she posed with a cardboard cutout of him at the mall - oh, someday she'll hate me for taking it.)

So it's not surprising that his mom, Pattie Mallette has written a book. What is surprising - maybe to some - is that the book is not only a memoir, but also a faith-based memoir.

Working with a co-writer, Mallette has documented her journey, which is not "picture perfect." I found her preface to the book refreshing. She lays it out for readers. Her book is a bit raw, it will talk about things in a frank (but not gratuitous way), and it shows - from Mallette's perspective of course - her relationship with many people in her life.

The one thing that truly surprised me is how she reminds people that it is from her perspective, and that for the most part, many of the people (including Mallette) have grown and matured through the years.

Her book is an interesting read. I read it because I wanted to know a bit more about Justin Bieber's mom, and in turn, maybe learn a bit more about him. (Remember, I work with tweens who listen to his music.)

Mallette is very candid about how things from her past, impacted her future. The book's description reads: "With raw honesty, she spills the truth about a lifetime of moments that were punctuated by pain yet permeated with grace--and the journey that's brought her to where she is today." I think this is true.

I'll admit, while I love memoirs, this is probably one I won't add to my "keep and read again" pile. However, it was interesting. The one thing that really did grab me - probably because I work with students - is Mallette's perspective as a teen mom. It was refreshing to see at least one person of faith, a youth minister at the local community center, who stood by her, even when others turned their back.

On the scale of one to five,  I give it a good three. I think Mallette has used her platform as the parent of a major pop star in a positive way.

Mallette's statement - part of the book blurb - wraps up her intent in a nice package:
t doesn't matter where you find yourself today--broken, hurting, wounded, or shamed. If God can help me find my way up, I promise, He can do the same for you.

Let's face it, looking at how a few parents of past pop stars (especially a few female ones) used their "15 minutes" in the spotlight, Mallette's approach is refreshing. 

More About The Authors
Pattie Mallette, known to most of the world as Justin Bieber's mom, is so much more than the mother of a world-renowned pop sensation.

As a young woman and a single mom, she overcame unimaginable obstacles and fought hard to rise above a life of poverty. Pattie has guided her talented son through the winding journey of fame, instilling faith and wisdom every step of the way.

She is impassioned by her vision to share what she has learned from the experiences of her youth and her son's journey. Follow her on Twitter (@pattiemallette).

An accomplished writer, A. J. Gregory has collaborated with fascinating high-profile figures on nearly twenty books. She is also the author of Silent Savior and Messy Faith.

Online Resources
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Note: As a freelance journalist, I was provided a copy of these books by Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group. This review was not influenced by a free book - just in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail.

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