Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve 2012

i did it

For the first time, I did it. Wow.

A picture of the day for an entire year. (In 2012 I made it until eye surgery threw me for a loop).

It's amazing to see all of these pics.

Suddenly tonight, I'm having happy thoughts of how full my life is.

It's probably not surprising that my job as a children's pastor shows up as a major theme in the pictures. The other theme, friends and family.

God used this moment to remind me of my blessings.


Here are my photos in review.


  1. That's awesome! What program/app did you use to do that?

  2. Project 365 (paid iPhone app) it lets you save a pic (I ran all of them thru Instagram first) and a sentence or two of journaling. The paid version lets you do more than one year at a time. (Started in 2011 to try this - 2011 made until September/eye surgery). It's an easy program to use. If you set right you can upload to their website AND make a photo book at end.

    (I'm trying that next)


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