Sunday, December 9, 2012

Blog Tour: Oliver Twist (Review)

I love audio stories - when they are told well. I love how the narrator, the dialogue and the sounds all work together to pull you into the story.

If done well, you truly feel like you are present in the action. You can feel the intensity of the situation, the angst of the character's trials and the elation at the resolution of the story.

The Focus on the Family's Radio Theatre presentation of Oliver Twist does just that and more.

As I listened to the narrator & actors (which honestly, can make or break an audio recording) I truly felt as if I stepped into Charles Dickens' world. The words and sounds of the drama worked together to truly paint a visual picture inside my mind. Recorded on location in London it has an air of authenticity that cannot be matched.

It is as if, a new wind blew through the familiar tale, giving it new life for me.

I believe the Radio Theatre dramas created by Focus on the Family showcase a media they not only do well with, but excel.

Oliver Twist is a superb addition to a list of dramas which include the seven books of the Chronicles of Narnia (I adore this series), as well as the lives of Derrick Bonhoeffer and John Newton.

As an added bonus, it also comes with a dvd that showcases behind the scenes views of how the drama was created - as well as highlights Focus on The Family's ministry to today's orphans.

I can see this drama being used on an upcoming holiday road trip, as well as a unique series of family story times. I can also see loading it on iPod/iPhone to listen to in a variety of ways and settings.

Ultimately, this is a story - and presentation - that will appeal to a variety of ages and genders.

On a scale of one to five, I give this drama a solid five.

From The Publisher
An audio drama of the highest quality, Oliver Twist was recorded on location in London with an award-winning cast. This classic story will steal your heart as the timeless characters are brought to life in Focus on the Family Radio Theatre’s edition of Charles Dickens’ beloved tale. This amazing audio production comes on five CDs, with a bonus DVD that includes behind-the-scenes production footage and the documentary Modern Day Oliver. Purchase of the product also benefits Focus’s “Wait No More” adoption initiative.

With cinema-quality sound and an original soundtrack, this audio drama tells the story of a young orphan sent from a child farm to begin life in a workhouse. After committing the unpardonable offense of asking for more food, Oliver is sent off to apprentice with a coffin-maker whose wife mistreats him. He runs away to London, where he meets the Artful Dodger and Fagin, who trains kids to be pickpockets. Despite his many trials and hardships, he finally gets his happy ending, bringing hope for redemption to all around him.

Online Resources
Read more about it @ The Publisher
Find out more about Focus on the Family's ministry to orphans
Purchase it at Amazon

Note: As a freelance journalist and children's pastor, I was provided a copy of this drama by Tyndale House. This review was not influenced by a free drama - just in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail.  (Honestly, I would have purchased it myself - it's that good!)

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