Friday, August 3, 2012


July is the first month this year I didn't manage to have a blog post each day.

Ok, technically it was June, since I went back after camp and the mission trip to make up some posts.

But July is the first month that the post count doesn't match or exceed the number of days.

I decided that quality, not quantity is the goal for this blog.

It's to inspire me to write and expand my creativity. It's to give me a place to ramble about my faith (albeit the piece I open to the public). It's my online sketch pad of sorts.

But it's not a way to lock me into something controlling. Binding. Something to feel like a failure with if I can't make a post.

So maybe I'm finding a way to rest (word for 2012) or maybe I'm just growing up.

It could be I'm just accepting the path that God has given my writing - and realize I might not have something to say each day.

And just maybe, like the lesson from Wednesday's chapel service, I'm thinking twice and typing once.

Who knows. But just in case you noticed I this is why I missed a few days in July.

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