Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pinterest Instant Mac & Cheese

This could be subtitled: Pinterest strikes again or What happens when you search for info when you are hungry.

I'll be honest. I like Mac &; Cheese.

While I like homemade mac & cheese, I am not adverse to eating the "boxed" treat.

So I was interested to stumble across a way to make "homemade" yet "instant" mac and cheese, in the microwave.

You start with either a microwave safe bowl, or a large mug. (I fixed the pasta in a bowl, because I wasn't sure how much it would expand).

Add 1/3 cup of pasta (I had small shells in my pantry) and 1/2 cup of water.

Microwave it on high for 2 minutes. Stir. Then cook it for 2 to 4 minutes - until the pasta is cooked thourghely and the water is completely absorbed (the time varies based upon the wattage of the microwave.)

In the mug (or another bowl) mix together 1/4 cup of milk (the original recipe called for 1 percent),

and then add 1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese. Ok, this is where I used what was in my fridge - and swapped it out for "fiesta blend" - a mix of cheeses.

Anyway, mix the milk and cheese together, with the pasta, then microwave it for at least a minute - until the cheese melts in to a yummy gooey consistency.

So basically, with a few regular ingredients - and a mug - I was able to recreate what my niece and nephew like to eat (the microwave cup of mac and cheese) without all of the "extra" ingredients.

A few of things I learned.
1) The cheese didn't melt completely smooth - but that's ok.

2) Shells don't cook up as much (so my mixture was a bit runny). I might have added a bit more to start with.

3) It cooked really fast. This would be an easy 'after school" snack for kiddos - not enough to "ruin" supper, but enough to give them a single-serving snack.

4) It tasted ok using the fiesta blend, but I'm wondering if regular cheddar or even Velvetta cheese would taste better.

5) If you use the mug to boil the water and pasta, it might overflow. The original recipe said you can add additional water - it suggested a teaspoon at a time, until the pasta is cooked.

Mug of Instant Mac & Cheese
1/3 cup Pasta
1/2 cup water
1/4 cup milk (1 percent)
1/2 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Mix the pasta and water in a large mug or bowl. Cook for two minutes on high in the microwave. Stir. Repeat the cooking process for two to four minutes, (stirring after two), until the water is absorbed and the pasta is finished.

Then add the milk and cheese. Mix it together, and microwave for an additional minute (or two) until it is melted.

Stir again and when it's well blended, enjoy!

Source: See the original pin here.
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  1. I have found that if you use 20% power, instead of high, you run less risk of it boiling over. It gives the macaroni more time to absorb the liquid. I do the milk with the water. I stir every couple of minutes. When there is very little liquid, I stir in the cheddar cheese, put it back in the microwave for about 30 sec. on the same power, and then stir it well when it is done.

    At the lower power, it boils up, but not to the top, backs down and then comes up again, as the microwave shuts on and off, according to the power.


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