Thursday, August 2, 2012

John Wesley comes to chapel

John Wesley went to chapel on Wednesday as my "action figure" that I needed for my "eyes and ears" sermonette.

The gist - we have two eyes to see what God wants us to learn and two ears to hear what God wants us to know.

In order to do this we need to exercise them to keep in shape (to hear/see God's messages). - pst planting the idea of spiritual disciplines.

This is where John came in. The kids had to watch closely to "see" what he did - and mimic it. They also had to listen to my cues to do something else.

The sub theme: We have two eyes and ears, but only one mouth. So maybe we should look and listen double the amount of times we talk.

This the second time I've used Mark Burrows' Wow Time as the basis of my chapel sermon for the preschool students.

Designed for a children's sermon during worship, Burrows' creativity is inspiring and quite fun!!

I've been looking for something to use for chapel - and honestly WOW Time and it's companion, Moments of Wonder, have filled a huge need.

While these often require props (aka you can't wait until the night before chapel) they provide an engaging way to talk about faith matter with the kids at the learning center.

I have a feeling I'll be using these two books more this fall. I'm hoping Burrows' creativity rubs off on me - and maybe I'll write a few of my own.

On a scale of one to five these books are a solid four. Great additions to my personal library.

Check out his website (he is a director of worship music in addition to his work as an author) here:

You can find more of his books and choral music here:

While I often receive comp books to review for my blog, I purchased both of Burrows' books at a conference. (Just in case the FTC really cares about this detail.)
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