Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Epic Pinterest Fail: Glow In The Dark Mountain Dew

I should have known better.

If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.....But I really wanted it to work.

Glow in the Dark Mountain Dew.

Come on, be honest, take a look at this picture.

It makes you want to try making it.

If it had worked, it would have been a WAY cool alternative to a camp fire, this weekend at the Bible Boot Camp. - A burn ban is keeping us from having a "real" camp fire.

We (my partner in crime, Laura and I) tried it tonight.

According to the Pin, it takes three simple ingredients.

It said you needed to leave 1/4 of a bottle of Mountain Dew in the bottle - we put it into a smaller bottle for the "test."

Next you add a bit of baking soda - which really does make the Mountain Dew "bubble up."

Then it calls for adding three cap-fulls of hydrogen peroxide. At this point, according to the video, the bottle should be glowing.

Obviously, it didn't work.
Duh right.

Another pinner said they added some glow in the dark paint to the mixture - and it reacted like the original picture.

Obviously, the person who made the original post/video wanted to see how far the fake post would go. Judging by the pins, it has spread amazingly fast. A modern day Urban Legend in the works.

The final word
I should have paid attention to the post on Snopes. They also tried it, and decided the person who started this "rumor" some how slipped glow paint or glow in the dark sticks into the bottle - while the YouTube video was angled in a different direction.
You can read the Snopes Report here.

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