Friday, July 13, 2012

A random Friday the 13th

How did you spend your Friday the 13th?

I spent mine with some 
very patient tweens and parents, 
as we did our first "surprise" night, 
eating supper at Bumpy's
a local, Tex-Mex restaurant in Little Rock.

Due to things beyond their control, 
we ended up waiting approx. an hour
for our seats to open up.

We had a reservation, 
but a table top who had been there
for more than two hours
were slow to leave.

After 30 minutes, we probably 
should have gone somewhere else, 
but we kept thinking, maybe they will leave.

The restaurant brought us water, and let the kids
get ice cream cones (the after dinner treat)
as a pre-meal teaser.

We also ordered our meals/food
before we even got our table
so as soon as we sat down, 
the food started to arrive.

I've never been more proud of my tweens.

We had people coming up to us
at the restaurant
AMAZED at how 
well behaved 
they were.

One lady joked 
"did you drug them before you came?"

Nope, we just told them the name of the church
is on the side of the mini-bus
parked outside of the building.

They listened.

And for that, I'm grateful. 
I'm also grateful for the 
adults who braved the idea 
(originally we were going to go to 
three different restaurants -
 a funky progressive meal)
and rolled with the revised 
plan before we even started.

- duh it's Friday the 13 -
 maybe we should stick with one restaurant.

I think next time, I'll do this using 
"fast food" restaurants.

But if I want to have supper 
with friends (small group best)
Bumpy's will be the place to go!

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