Sunday, July 8, 2012

Never Give Up

As we get ready for the Olympic games, here's a video I recently ran across. It reminds us all to never, ever give up.

I also ran across an article by Linsey Corbin - an uber cool triathlete (who is the daughter-in-law of a friend) with a pep talk she gave herself before two triathlons this summer.

(You can see the full article here.)

Linsey wrote
Which brings me to all-in. 
Both races, as I walked down to the water I gave myself a pep talk. It went something like this:

Me - Are you ready for this?

My head - I am not so sure. It’s windy, hot/cold, it’s going to be a doozy today. I am going to have to really earn my bacon! What if I get blown off my bike? Am I ready for this?

Me - Of course you are ready for this. You don’t do anything half-ass. Let’s go all-in. Cash in your chips. Be committed. You’ve trained your hiney off the past 6 weeks. Why only commit part way?

My head - It will be easy to back off, these conditions aren’t favorable. Think of the laundry list of excuses you’ll have for your friends on Monday.

Me - Anyone can race on the easy day. Champions rise in adverse conditions. Be a warrior and let’s go all-in.

My head - OK. I’m all-in! When that gun goes, I am racing. 100%. No excuses.

Me - All-in! 

So, I guess the moral of the story - never give up, and go ALL IN!
Maybe we can all learn from athletes - especially as we watch the Olympics.

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