Thursday, July 5, 2012

DIY Flower lollipops

Earlier this spring, I found a post on Catholic Icing, 
that used Jolly Ranchers to make your own cross 
(or flower) lollipops. You can see her original post here.

For an Easter treat, a friend and I tried making the cross lollipops.
 They were such a success, 'I wanted to try making the flowers. 
Which while they weren't perfect, 
the kids I gave them to, loved them.

So here's the supply list.

(Everything was available for purchase today at Walmart.)

Regular Jolly Rancher Candy
The bag I purchased had green apple, 
blue raspberry, cheery, watermelon and grape.

Life Savers (Not pictured)
I used the "smoothy" kind, but I think the "regular" 
life savers would be just fine. 
(The ones I used took a wee bit more time to melt.)

Lollipop Sticks
Walmart sold them in packs of 25. 
You can also use wooden kitchen skewers.

Aluminum Foil
You'll use this to line the baking pan.

Cheap Sandwich Bags
Get the kind that "fold" close. - No ziplock closings.

I bought purple, so it would be a "color" of the season.

A Cookie Sheet (or two)
The bigger the sheet, the more you can do at once. 
The sheet we used comfortably made at least 
four flowers at a time - they need room to spread out.

1) Preheat the oven to 225 degrees &
 line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil.
Make sure it's "shiny" side up.

2) Sort your Jolly Ranchers by color. 
You'll need five candies per lollipop for the flower petals. 
You'll also need one Life Saver for each "center" (not shown.).

3) Unwrap your candies. Put the "middle" of your flower on the cookie sheet. Make sure you space them out enough so that you can build the rest of the flower AND leave room for the stick. Note - since all are melting together at the same time, you can just put everything on the cookie sheet at the same time. However, because my Life Savers were the "smoothy" kind, I put them in the oven for approximately one minute - before attaching the petals. (This gets them "melty and sticky" so the rest of the pieces stick to it in the remaining steps.)

4) Remove your pan from the oven (this is probably not a "kid friendly" step). Arrange the stick around the middle of your flower. Like with the crosses, I kind of "pushed" them into the sticky middle, to make sure everything "blended" well.

Note that the Jolly Ranchers melt in "random" ways, so the petals aren't perfectly symmetrical, but they do make creative shapes. Also: It really works better if you have everything unwrapped BEFORE you start the melting process. You have a bit of time to "squish" them together, but it worked best if I had everything ready for when the middles came out of the oven.

5) Allow the candy to cool. When it's hard, you'll be able to lift it off the foil with ease.

6) Use the sandwich bags to "wrap" the candies. 
Tie it closed with ribbon. I used purple, 
because it is a color represented in Lent/Easter.

Want to see my first post - the DIY Cross Lollipops?

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