Monday, July 2, 2012

Diving into my Project 365

I'm midway through my Project 365 (plus 1) for 2012.

I've used a variety of things to "inspire" me each day
 - beyond just snapping a single pic out of pure randomness. 

Recently, I ran across this list for July 
thanks to a friend's post on Instagram.

I'm sure my pics will vary this month, 
\but it's a fresh way to capture a piece of life, 
one picture at a time.

Here's the pics I've taken for the first couple of days.....

1) Self Portrait
Not the best self portrait I've taken in a while, 
but it's a snapshot of where I'm at - in need of a haircut, 
and a wee bit tired. but that's ok - it's just life!

2) Busy
Originally, I planned for this pic to capture a look at my desk - 
which let's face it, is full of VBS stuff. 
But as I was walking from my office to the main office suite, 
I saw two volunteers rapidly making deviled eggs. 
They were tying to make tray upon tray 
of the eggs for the Under the Bridge meal.

(If you don't know what UTB is,
it's an amazing ministry that provides a good, solid meal 
for the homeless and near homeless, under the 
Broadway Bridge in Little Rock. 
St. James provides the meal twice a month.) 

So I put down my stuff, washed my hands and well, 
helped make eggs. They weren't sure how many people 
would make it to help serve a holiday-week meal, 
so I jumped in the last car and headed to the Bridge.

So this is a "good kind of busy" because it meant 
that I wasn't thinking about myself, 
but rather, thinking about others.

Which kind of puts things into perspective - in a good way.

So how are you capturing life in 2012?
What do you use for your Project 365 prompts?

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