Saturday, July 21, 2012

Being Elmo (a review)

Looking for something to inspire you this weekend?

Why not check out "Being Elmo" the story about the man behind the puppet - Kevin Clash.

This documentary tells how Clash got his start into the magic of puppetry and the adults in his life who encouraged him.

I love how he told about watching puppet shows on TV (Captain Kangaroo, the Muppets and more) to figure out how the puppets were constructed, and how the puppeteers made everything work.

Clash related how he made his first puppet out of the lining of his father's trench coat. His dad loved it - but told him to ask permission first before making more.

It's amazing to think about a guy in high school making puppets - and pursuing his dream - even when classmates ridiculed him (well, until he ended up being cast on a local television show).

This documentary is inspiring. It's amazing how everything fell into place for Clash, party through the efforts of this supportive adults. No, life wasn't perfect - and he made sacrifices (good and bad) along the way to pursue his dream.

Two scenes jumped out, as I viewed the documentary.

The first one showcased a young Clash meeting legendary puppet designer Kermit Love - and being shown around Love's studio - and how Love introduced to Jim Henson.

The second shows Clash, now a Sesame Street’s Senior Puppet Coordinator and Muppet Captain as well as Sesame Workshop’s Senior Creative Consultant, calling and meeting with a young inspiring puppeteer.

It's almost as if Clash is paying forward, the generosity shown him as a student. I found it awesome that he not only remembers his roots, but he also helps spread his knowledge and passion to a new generation.

I've had this documentary in my Netflix queue for quite a whole. A lazy Saturday gave me an excuse to watch it. It made my morning.

On the scale of one to five, I give this a HUGE five.

I think it would be great to show students (in part) to talk about chasing dreams and finding the support needed to succeed.

It's definitely worth investing some time into watching this documentary.

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