Monday, June 11, 2012

Hanging out at camp

From the upper left, clockwise:
The sign that greets people as they arrive at camp;
My "home" for the camp, 3B.
My bunk - I know, it was a bit messy in this picture.
The notecards I made to write to the girls on the first day.

I spent the first day of camp getting ready for the influx of campers - those rising third and fourth graders (also known as the ones that just finished second and third grade - but don't dare call them "those" grades!)

It was my first experience at Camp Tanako. It truly made me homesick for Camp Galilee, the camp I went to as a student, then returned as a counselor, for many years. 

Camp played such a HUGE role in my faith development - that I really want it to become part of the lives of the students in my children's ministry.

I know that God can truly "reach" you when you step out of the "norm" and step into a camping experience.
I spent part of the morning writing notes to the kids coming from St. James and for the girls in my cabin.  I remember how much I loved getting notes from my counselors. I guess it just made me realize how much they cared for me.

It's crazy, I still have at least two notes, one from a spiritual director, written to me in junior high, the other, from someone who truly became a "forever friend" back in 1988. I carry both of these notes in my Bible - along with a variety of other things that have great meaning.

I'm glad I got to experience it with my students. Things have changed - but the basics of camp remain the same. I love camp. the main thing I have to remember is that God is ultimately in control.

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