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Flashback: Destination: Joplin 2.0 (2009)

Posts from Destination: Joplin 2.0 (2009)
(A look back at the trip - posts I made on a different blog regarding our experiences)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Destination: Joplin 2.0 - We're Here!

Well, we're here, and well, It's quite HOT in Joplin.
(and not just because Anna's wearing the coolest green and black socks ever....but that will have to wait for another picture...)

We're about to head out for our prayer tour of Joplin and supper. Tonight's fun activity is the Kangaroo Gym (kinda like Pump it Up in Bentonville) and pizza for supper.

We had a nice welcome waiting for us in the First UMC - Joplin's youth room.

 We left notes of thanks on the dry erase board - for the youth to find on Sunday.

Oh...before we go....
We have an honorary team member "Flame" (think Fla-mae)....last year's VBS mascot has returned to join the mission trip. Look for "flame" sightings throughout the mission trip!

We'll have more later.... 

Wednesday, June 24, 2009
Destination: Joplin 2.0 - Hangin' at Kangaroo Gym
The only cool place in Joplin - in front of the Kangaroo Gym "Big" fans.....

What your children played on for 1 hr 20 minutes....

More tomorrow....good night....

Thursday, June 25, 2009
Destination: Joplin 2.0 - Thursday's update
Well, we've had a full day filled with lots of adventures.

Here's a couple of pictures from our day....

Morning - at the Spring River Christian Village
Cassie made a new friend - they hit it off during the craft time!

Laura and Flame (Fla-mae) made several friends as they talked with the different residents. One of the ladies fell in love with our mascot.
Afternoon - at the Salvation Army Thrift Store
The assistant manager at the SA Thrift Store was very grateful for our gift - a portion of the Chicken on the Run proceeds. We told them we wanted to support their ministry.
Tabitha and the hangers. After sorting more than 10 tubs (huge tubs) of hangers, into three sections - regular hangers, pant hangers and kids hangers, several of the kids have stated they never want to see another hanger again....

We've finished the day with supper and a laid-back night with either a movie, Tale of Despereaux, or reading - several of the girls read a lot!

More tomorrow. We'll try to post, but tomorrow's wifi time is it may be after we get back from horseback riding.

All is well.
Thursday, June 25, 2009
Destination: Joplin 2.0 - Some Humor
Unknown person - "Conner why do you need to buy glasses....are you sure they aren't prescription?" After Conner bought a pair of "non-script" glasses at the Salvation Army Thrift Store. - Her response "they were only a $1."

If you don't go to heaven, the girls are pretty sure after sorting a billion clothes hangers today, that the "other place" is full of plastic clothes hangers....

"I know why Men are annoyed by us." - Tanna after the women's prayer group woke us up with their laughter and "cackling" at approx. 6:20 a.m. - for the second year in a row.....they were REALLY loud. (But we love them anyway.)

"Morning comes quickly" - the random cackle from one of the women in the prayer group, when she saw Kaylea and Melissa "freshly woken up" in the bathroom....we wanted to say, ah, yeah, when you're woken up by sure does!

"Kaylea, the moped is passing us.....the handicapped van is passing us...please drive faster." (Among the many comments, as we drove down Maiden Lane this afternoon - note I WAS Going the SPEED Limit!)

"Oh, you can drive five miles over" by Megan after I told them I was going the speed limit.

"Um, Kaylea, we have a"(Several girls, after they accidentally locked us out of our sleeping room.) "Just tell say it!" Kaylea's response.....(Fortunately, the pastor was just leaving from an evening meeting, and could get us back into the room....) "It will cost you a tootsie roll." (Pastor Dave's request for opening the door for us...)

"Are you having supper at the Golden Corral? I love to go there and pig out." - one of the nursing home residents.

"We're in room 17,"....A women told Melissa as the girls were wheeling them back to their rooms.... "No, we're in 3" (her room mate's response)....actually, they were in room 57....

"Go left here" (one of the residents told Laura and she directed them to her room...) "What are you girls doing down here....." a nurse said...."she's on the other side - of the building."

A few other notes....
Tabitha doesn't stop moving all day...or night....she "wiggles" in her sleeping bag all night...and talks all night....and eats a million tootsie rolls....(maybe that's where she gets her energy....)

Laura has an air mattress that "toots" every time she rolls over.

Cassie rolled over in the middle of the night, and we found her this morning, head first in her sleeping bag....we're not sure how or why she did this.....

Megan finds the men's bathroom interesting, to say the least......(Note: we're using the boy's bathroom for showers at night, since there's no boys on the trip...) "wouldn't you hate these little tiny walls with people next to you..."

Anna is an expert hanger stacker...."Miss Melissa doesn't know how to do it, so I have to do it." - Anna.

Adrienne - has been attacked today by a plunger, flamingo and a hanger. It's been a long day. Adrienne "knows" that Conner was behind all of the attacks.

In all and all, though, we're having a good time, and lots of laughs, and learning to serve God through humor, and love.

Note: No flamingos were injured in the creation of this blog.

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Destination: Joplin 2.0 - A few more quotes & more
"If you fall off the ledge, it's not that bad, you wouldn't die, you'd just break a few limbs...." - Laura, as she looked over the creek/ledge behind Watered Gardens (as we asked her and Tabitha to step away from the edge...Note...they did step back....).

"I've made this dish lots of times, but I'm not going to tell you how many, because it would give away my age...." (Wendy, the cook at Watered Gardens). "Let's just say your 27." (Anna's response). "I like this girl!" (Wendy's laughter filled response.)

Several of the girls would like to foster/adopt a few baby goats.....please mom and dad???.....

"We just got back from riding horses and playing with baby goats, guess what the girls want now..." (Melissa's text to Manville last night.....) His response "Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

On the drive home last night (Friday), while Melissa and Kaylea could not understand the words, (or want to) we heard lots of "cackleling" and roaring laughter from the back of the van...guess what...we've revved them were bringin' them home!

"Do we have to leave? Can't we stay a whole week...." (The query from Saturday morning). Melissa and Kaylea's response at the same time - "Ah NO."

"I can't believe it's already over..." Tanna on Saturday morning.

"You sure are handy with that camera..." Kaylea's dad, Wayne, as he was leading the horses around the arena...."

And the best quote of the week.....

"Thank you, thank you for blessing me today," - one of the men in the line, getting food at Watered Gardens.

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Destination: Joplin 2.0 - Friday's Review
It was late when we got back from riding Friday's update waited until this morning.
The girls worked really hard at Watered Gardens. The organization has a clothing bank, shower ministry, offers counseling and on Friday's, offers a hot, home-cooked meal.

Our girls "saw' lots of things yesterday. They worked really hard, without complaint, to help people in a variety of situations.

Some helped in the kitchen, others helped sort clothes and other donations.

Here's a few pictures from the morning.....

We tried to make homemade ice cream as our afternoon treat - but only Laura and Conner's bags froze or "set up." We're not sure why, but it was a lesson in patience for all of the girls...

Here's some pics from the horse arena -starting with The Crew

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