Thursday, June 28, 2012

Destination: Pine Bluff - The Service Projects

Our projects at Destination: Pine Bluff involved working at Neighbor to Neighbor, a collaborative ministry in Pine Bluff, and the Salvation Army.

At Neighbor To Neighbor, the students had a list of jobs to do - in fact it seemed like a hugely lengthy list.
One of the "tedious" task involved taking cans of food off of the shelf, washing the shelves, and then returning the cans to the same spots.
Everyone - students and adults alike, hung in there. moved cans and did the task without complaint.

Another piece of the job involved sorting hangers.  Let's face it - that's a job not many life. But the kids did it, again, without complaint.

In fact, remember that list on the first picture. They completed it all - and did a few other things not listed!

On Friday, our project involved working at the Salvation Army. The students sorted clothing, organized hangers - yes, more hangers, and also re-organized the entire book room (we found some really interesting titles).

All in all, it was a good mission trip. The students' worked hard - and got a lot done.

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