Friday, June 29, 2012

Destination: Pine Bluff (A few favorite pics)

I'll have more - trust me, I have tons of pics on my camera card, not yet processed. But here are a few of my favorite Instagram pics, which help capture the flavor of the Mission Trip.

Allison and Jack
Two "veterans" on the trip.
Both make me laugh, smile and remember to enjoy life
(in their own way)
It's because of Jack, I now own the Pink Panther theme song.
(You never know what I'll buy for a talent show entry)
Allison reminds me to take time to do kid things
- and go to bed..... 

Serving with a smile.
The "guys" fix lunch for the girls.
Without complaint.

The Table Is Set.
One of my favorite parts of the trip includes our
closing worship communion service.
The altar was decorated with transformers 
because the represented our theme - 
Be Transformed.

A Partnership.
I loved this pic of David Flemming, the pastor of 
First UMC - Pine Bluff - because he showed us
how this trip could truly be a partnership between 
a local church and the community.
Another face that reminds me to smile and to 
stop and have fun.
(You will Instagram that picture - was her only question
when I snapped this shot!)

Choose your own caption 
A) I'm a wee bit devious or
B) Aunt kaylea you have fallen for my evil plan.
Kiki on the mission trip.

Watching Sandra flourish as 
an adult chaperone on this trip.
Here she is playing Scrabble Slap with Mary Jett.

The gathering place.
It was amazing the natural flow of conversation and 
even gaming (Apples to Apples rocks)
that took place while tweens were waiting for the shower.
With family.
They may not be my natural-born nieces, 
but they are family.
I love watching them grow in their faith and seing
how God moves in their lives.

The challenge.
Ok, the pic of me going down this slide is still on my 
camera, but imagine sitting at the top, with 
a crowd of tweens at the bottom shouting your name.
Sometimes being a "fool" means more than the 
richest gold or silver.
I took up the challenge and went down the slide
(ok, several times)
much to the delight of the tweens.

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