Saturday, May 5, 2012


It seems like a lot of my friends
- and myself - 
are struggling with worry this week.

Worry about 
health issues
kids stuff
job stuff
really everything.

Since I'm a visual person, 
I did a "quote" search
on Pinterest 
to see
what I could find.

To minister to my soul.

I love this first image.
Doesn't it really sum up what God wants us to do?
Have a faith that is bigger than fear.
I also love this Bible verse. 
It reminds us to rely on God 
not ourselves.
Isn't this the truth?
Worry drains us of our strength.
Ok, at least it does for me.

Worry makes me tired.
It makes me cranky.
It simply drains me of all vitality.
Again this reminds me 
that faith is bigger than worry.

If at all else fails, this quote from Charles Schulz
reminds me to keep humor in life.

Worry - a five letter word.
Faith - a better five letter word.

May my faith grow larger than my worry.

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