Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tweens In Service

How did you spend part of your Memorial Day weekend? 

I spent part of Sunday serving with the tweens at Stone Soup, 
a weekly meal served out of Quapaw Quarter UMC 
for the homeless and working poor. 

We got there at 1 p.m. and prepped the food 
- getting everything ready to open "Stone Soup" right at 3 p.m.

We made Sloppy Joes and Three-Bean Salad 
(FYI that's a lot of beans). 
Dessert was pound cake, donated by a local store. 
Someone we didn't know brought in fresh bread at 3 p.m. 
- so we sliced it for people in line.

We expected at least 125 people to come through the line.

Within 18 minutes of opening the door 
we served more than 160 individuals, 
including at least one young boy.

It went amazing, insanely fast.
We completely ran out of food within 20 minutes.

It was an interesting experience. 
One of the tweens was kinda shook up
to see a boy approx. the same age come through the line. 

One of the things I loved about the project, 
is how tweens and adults worked side by side.

Ministering to people in need together.

I loved how this became an inter-generational project. 

I'm grateful for  DK and Rosemary
("regulars" at Stone Soup)
who helped direct our project.

 I'm also thankful for the parents
(Annie, Martin and Blake)

Who came with their kids
to help them learn about being in ministry.

It was a good day. 
We learned a lot and know
a few things we'll do differently 
when we do this project again.

Something to think about
 The highest form of worship 
is the worship 
of unselfish Christian service. 
The greatest form of praise 
is the sound 
of consecrated feet 
seeking out the lost and helpless.
- Billy Graham

FYI - photo collages made using
My new favorite online photo editing site.
(I totally love this site)

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