Saturday, May 26, 2012

My Words: Gimme Me E!

I love this image. I stumbled across it online
and it truly represents TEAM to me.
Source of imag
This devo, written in honor of the support I've seen rally around a ministry colleague and friend, as she's battled cancer. May we all have this kind of support in our lives.

“So encourage each other and build each other up.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11a

I live and work in the midst of a fan-crazy football community. You know when game day is happening because everyone – ok, it seems like everyone - regardless of age or gender becomes part of event by wearing the school’s colors or flying its flags.

I may not be a sporty gal, but I can appreciate how this attitude not only unifies the fans, but provides a huge source of encouragement for the community, school and ultimately, the team.

Recently, I saw this same spirit of support surround a friend undergoing cancer treatment. Through notes, crazy care packages and the creation of a “Team Pat” bracelet, people rallied to provide her with encouragement during the many weeks of chemotherapy and radiation. It’s almost as if she was given her own pep squad to stand with her, cheering her on, championing her cause.

What I’ve learned from this outpouring of support, is how encouragement can and should be an ordinary part of daily life. Rather than wait for a special event, I challenge myself to look for ways to encourage or provide little “happies” to the people who cross my path.

Maybe it’s the store clerk who checks me out without grumbling, or the waitress tops off my ice tea with a smile – even as the people at the next table give her a hard time. Rather than breeze through to my next task, I challenge myself to remember to thank them for the service or action they’ve provided me. And for those who have gone above and beyond, I try to find a way to let someone know either verbally or in a short note, what a great employee they have on their staff.

I personally think my world would be a better place if I did a bit more encouraging and a wee bit less complaining.

Action Step: Stop right now and think of one person you can encourage – either in person, by email or thru social media. Why not thank them for something they’ve done to make a difference in your life.

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