Monday, May 14, 2012

Let's Talk About Sex.......

Ok let's be honest.
I spent more than two hours tonight
talking with parents 

You know, that "three letter" word 
that parents love to avoid 
but so need to talk about 
with their tweens.

It was part of the Created by God parent meeting
required for the parents of students planning to 
attend this weekend's workshop.

I'll be honest.
We laughed a lot during the meeting.
Sometimes from humor, other times to alleviate

It's not like we want to thank about 
talking about 
or thinking about

But, honestly.
It's a discussion that needs to 
START here
and continue at home.
With their parents or guardians.

I'm impressed so far
with what I'm hearing.

We're not trying to tell the kids
all of the answers.

Or "preach" at them.

The presentation
is designed to be 
filled with
honest, age appropriate answers.

It's designed to promote this message:
(from the publisher)
Human sexuality is one of God’s greatest gifts to people.  
Created By God  is a program resource designed to communicate 
to fifth and sixth graders that 
we are a fantastic creation made by God. 

The topics of human sexuality, values, and relationships 
are approached in a frank, honest, and Bible-based manner. 

So, I'll gear up.
Read my student book.
(I kinda put it off this weekend)

And be ready to hear about 
everything for simply 
one reason.

Because the students
in my life
are more important
than any discomfort I might feel.
Want to know more about
Created by God


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