Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lessons from Kidlets

I love that my office at church is near the Learning Center.

In fact, I've joked that I've learned lots of preschool songs this year, because music class is across the hall.

Often I get into conversations with the kidlets who attend the school as I walk to my car (past the playground) and as they walk down the hall to their various classes.

I had a few "God moments" this week thanks to some of the kidlets in my life.

The first came thanks to a "playground" conversation. The little girl looked at me, and said "why don't we have chapel anymore?"

I (along with an occasional staff volunteer), lead a weekly 15 minute chapel service (think two songs, a scripture, story and prayer) for the 3's and 4's every Wednesday. We've stopped at the beginning of May, as we began to "wrap" up the school year - but will resume during the Summer session.

It melted my heart that she missed chapel - because she missed the songs and story.

The other came, as I was having a random conversation with a teacher, and these four popped their heads out of the room (think baby birds chirping at a

One asked what color my hair will be this summer. I said "probably orange."
(Last summer, I started at St. James on the first day of Vacation Bible School. My crazy, help them remember me idea was that if they raised "x" for missions, I would "color my hair blue" and eat brussel sprouts.)

I still have kids coming up to me to say "you had blue hair." .... while some have voted for "rainbow" hair this year, I think it will be orange - to match Ocho, the Octopus mascot for Cokesbury's VBS.

Another kidlet (not pictured) keeps asking me questions about my visit with Ronald McDonald. Come to find out, he saw this picture on a poster, talking about our 2012 school year tab collection for the Ronald McDonald House. (For the record, we've been collecting tabs since late fall - eight pounds on the collection date - and we've started again for the April 2013 collection date.)

I love interacting with kids. I love the questions they ask and the things they see. I love being part of their growing and amazing lives.

Frankly, the interaction I had with them this week, helps me remember why I love children's  ministry. - Just another "nudge" from God..

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