Friday, May 4, 2012

A Fun Way To Spend Friday Night

So how did you spend your Friday night?
I spent mine with a group of fun, free-spirited tweens.
Third, Fourth and Fifth Graders - and well, maybe a few sixth graders tossed in.

This is the St. James portion of last night's T2 (Tween Time) Unplugged. 
(The other eight students were from Asbury UMC)

We played Grog
a cross between "captured the flag"
"freeze tag" 
in the dark.

It's quite interesting to see the kids play
interact together
have fun

One of the funny moments came
as we kept hearing the kids yell 
"chicken noodle soup"

That was their code for 
"the Grogs are coming"
(The people who were "it")

We announced that we'd do another joint event this summer
going to the water park in Hot Springs.

No cheers.

The kids wanted to have another grog night again.
Like tomorrow night.

A friend joking called it "playing with the box the gift came in."

I'm just glad the kids had fun
being together
interacting and being connectional.

So how did you spend your Friday night?

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