Friday, May 25, 2012


I'll admit it. This email arriving in my "inbox" today (Friday) caused me to have a reaction that can only be described as, well, by this image.....

A few weeks ago, a writing friend posted a note on her Facebook page, letting people know they were looking for a few devotions (devos) as I call them for a couple of upcoming books.

The catch - the first deadline was in just a few days.

I could have said "it's too late to try" and ignored the inner nudge.

Instead, I tried.

Flash forward a few late nights, and a couple of friends being "editing" soundboards (thank you!) I submitted three devos.

Five weeks later, I found out that while they didn't fit the first book's scope and sequence - there was a chance that one, Rest, was back in the "hopper" for the second book.

Five more weeks. It made it out of the consideration pile!

It will be included in the book, produced by Group Publishing.

While my head knows it's just one, out of many to be included in the book, my heart keeps doing the Snoopy Dance. Writing for the church is the main reason I went to Seminary. I fell - nudged by God - into children's and youth ministry along the way, but have never given up the desire for my writing to have a greater meaning.

I'm thankful for the nudge God gave me as I read my friend's Facebook post.

I guess I just need to be open to hearing more of them - and not letting fear keep me from trying something new.

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