Saturday, May 12, 2012

Blog Tour: Mom Connection (Review)

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. A day we set aside to honor those who gave us life thanks to Julia Ward Howe (1870) and Anna Jarvis (1914).

Mother's help us connect with the world. They nurture us and they help us grow up into adulthood (and beyond).

So it should be no surprise, that sometimes mom's need to have a deeper connection - with their faith, their selves and even their family.

With her new book, Tracey Bianchi seeks to help mom's connect with the rhythm of life.

Divided into three sections, the book focuses on why mom's need to have a healthy rhythm in their life, good rhythms in their relationships (with family, friends and others), and developing a rhythm in their faith journey.

Each chapter ends with "five tested tips" that are designed to be "guilt-free" ideas mom's can use to apply the information to their lives. Three of the tips are "practical," one focuses on a prayer or blessing, and the fifth serves as  a journal or writing prompt.

The book is written in a friend, easy to read style. I think it would appeal to a variety of moms - newbies and veterans alike.

On the scale of one to five, I give it a solid three. If you are looking for an easy to read treat for mom, this might provide just what you need.

More About The Book
(From The Publisher)
Hey, Mom--so when was the last time you had an uninterrupted conversation?

Parenting young children is an all-consuming task that can make you feel disconnected and, honestly, a bit fragmented. But having kids shouldn't mean you rarely get to complete a conversation with a friend! In this witty, encouraging book, Tracey Bianchi shows us how to

-cultivate deeper friendships that challenge us to grow
-create healthy, life-giving rhythms for our families
-connect and give back to the wider world beyond our doors

If you've ever sat back exasperated and thought, "There has got to be a better way to do this mothering thing," then let this conversation with Tracey on friendship, connection, and the rhythms of our lives begin to shape your heart.

More About The Author
Tracey Bianchi is a hyper, overcaffeinated mother of three who is camped out in the Chicago suburbs with her husband Joel and, sometimes, a goldfish.

She does freelance writing and speaking for a wide variety of nationally recognized organizations. She also serves as the Pastor for Women at Christ Church of Oak Brook.

You can catch her musings and find out more about her other books and projects at

Online Resources
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Read an excerpt
Buy it at Amazon

About Revell, The Publisher
Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group, offers practical books that bring the Christian faith to everyday life. They publish resources from a variety of well-known brands and authors, including their partnership with MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and Hungry Planet. For more information, visit

Note: As a freelance journalist, I was provided a copy of this book by Revell, a division of Baker Publishing Group. This review was not influenced by a free book - just in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail.

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