Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What do they really hear?

So at the end of Tween Time tonight, I walked in to find a group of my "tweens" aka fourth and fifth graders, compiling a list of "things Miss Kaylea says a lot."

I confess. I do say these things. Let me translate them for you.......

1) In the room: please don't run up and down the hallways (the choir is practicing down the hall).
2) Focus: let's get back on task....your attention please.
3) Cop-A-Squat: (Blame this line on Pretty Woman) - come on, have a seat.
4) Where are Lucy and Delaney?: (insert other names) - sometimes girls go to the bathroom in pairs, or trios or more.....
5) 5 minutes till your mine: Ok, free time is over in five minutes - and then it's time to get serious.
6) Be quiet: Um... have you ever tried to talk over a room of tween girls?
7) Circle up: Sometimes the only way to get them to focus is to have everyone sit in a circle.... which usually leads to the "focus and/or the "cop-a-squat" comment....

I know, I know. I say these things a lot.
I would probably add...
1) It's all good......
2) cool beans (and weenies)...
3) no worries....
4), but always feel free to ask....(thanks Cydni for this one)
5) um do you want to live long and die of old age (blame my mom for this one)...aka are you sure you're making the right choice right now?
6) It takes three nice things to make up for one mean/bad thing....
7) Hi, how are you?
8) Anything new and exciting happening in your world?

Let's face it. I have a few "standard lines" in my arsenal.

While I say these things, I really hope the tweens also hear....

I love you.
I think you are amazing.
I know you can do great things.
God has an amazing plan for your life.
I have high expectations for you.
I care for you.
I will do anything for you.
You can always call me (if it involves bail, we'll talk...)
I'll always be there for you - which also means I'll go with you if you need to tell your folks something.

I hope they hear this message, along with my "standards."
Maybe I need to say a few more of those things instead of what showed up on their list.....

Just pondering my "message" tonight after T2 (Tween Time).


  1. Love it! I remember you saying things like that to us back in the day!! I think they also hear all the wonderful messages of love; I know I always did! Miss you bunches. PS: Lorraine just had a baby... can you believe it!?! A beautiful baby girl!

    1. Ash
      thank you for making me smile tonight, as I write a paper for my UM History still studying!

      Glad to know I'm at least consistent. Tee hee.

      Lorraine had a baby girl!!!!! Please pass on my love and prayers.... if you want inbox me at Facebook her addy. I'd love to drop her at least a card. (I'm lousy at sending gifts, which is why my cousins' christmas present is still in my living

      I'm glad you heard the messages of love. Ya'll broke me in.... so I always say I'm a success because of ya'll.....

      Much love.


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