Friday, April 6, 2012

Walking The Labyrinth

13 families 
representing 16 adults and 29 children
ranging in age from toddler (2) to teen (sixth grade)
took part in today's Labyrinth event.
(20 other adults also walked the path throughout the day!)

Sisters, hanging out in the center of the labyrinth.. 

I snapped a few pics during the actual event with my iPhone.
The pics aren't "prize worthy" but they let me discretely 
take pictures, while the kids were interacting 
with the labyrinth.

One of the families.
Mom just posted on Facebook:
 It was amazing and the kids have talked about it all day.

It was a blessing to watch as the kids walked the path
in their own way.
Some did everything "just" as it was written in the devo book.
Others, well, got into their own groove and simply walked, 
ran, skipped or even ran
along the path.

Decorating his butterfly window cling. 

I think one of my favorite things/quotes came from a 
first grader, who I love being around, but 
let's face it - like every first grader, struggles a wee bit 
to focus on "serious" stuff.

He (with some prompting from his mom) told me that 
while he laid down in the center of the labyrinth, 
it felt like God was talking to him.

Lots of thumbs up - After the labyrinth.

Another parent told me her fifth grader has been
asking (even before the event) how 
to determine God's plan for his life.

So I'm on a quest to find the right thing to help him 
discover how God can work in someone's life.

Showing off his butterfly. He said the labyrinth was awesome!

Today was filled with amazing conversations, lots of joy
and an unexpected peace.

I couldn't focus to walk the labyrinth
But I did sit. 
I was quiet.
And I simply enjoy watching my students
something new and amazing.
It was a great way to spend Good Friday.

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