Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Stepping Out Of The Comfort Zone.....

Sometimes you just have to step out of your comfort zone.

Confession time.
I really don't like going places by myself.

But sometimes, you just have to step out of the "norm"
ok, the ruts of life,
to experience things.
Live life.
Do something besides work.

So Friday, I ventured downtown
by myself.
To experience the "Jumbo Gumbo" cook-off.

I know, not very adventurous, but well,
it made me step out to try something new.
To experience life in downtown Little Rock
on a Friday night.

This week's adventure turned out not to be a solo run.

I went tonight to see a seminary friend, Eric Van Meter
read his short story at
a live radio show
that features literary memoirs
from authors currently living in the South
I ended up going with several women from the church
(they bought tickets after hearing me talk about it on Facebook.)

It was fun.
It meant I didn't work late tonight.
I spent time with friends - and saw several people I haven't seen in forever -
I relaxed.
I rested.
I just simply enjoyed the evening.

Sometimes I need to remember that you have to jump off the
high dive of life
in order to experience
pure joy.


  1. Your comfort zone is a lie, contrary to what you might believe, staying in your comfort zone only provides TEMPORARY comfort.
    What's actually happening is that you're letting your mental fear of keep you trapped and overwhelmed. Stepping out of your comfort zone means taking small risk and sometimes going against what your mind tells you is "best judgment." I think what holds many back in their zone is often the overwhelming fear of failure that we'll be embarrassed or humiliated if we try something new and not succeed.

    I actually wrote a full article on my blog http://iusedtobethatguy.com/your-comfort-zone-is-a-lie , please feel free to check it out my other inspirational articles.


    1. Thanks for coming by and sharing your thoughts.

      I think you summed up how I felt this week. I've been "trapped" by the routine and "norm."

      Trying something new, regardless of fear of embarrassment or humiliation, is definitely something I need to remember.

      I enjoyed visiting your blog. Thanks for coming by and leaving your thoughts.


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