Thursday, April 5, 2012

Spending time in the labyrinth

Tomorrow is Good Friday, the day Christians mark the crucifixion of Jesus.

Tomorrow, for the first time, I'm trying a "spiritual formation" event.

It's my attempt - with the initial suggestion/idea coming from my supervisor - to have a wee bit of Jesus in the midst of Holy Week.

(Usually kidz ministry events this week simply revolve around egg hunts. - Yes, we're having a hunt, and we're at 3,500 plus eggs and counting!)

But the labyrinth, with it's five stations (six if you count the "after" stop), is different. It encourages students (and their parents) to stop, be reflective and try something new.

It encourages students to be quiet.

Frankly, it encourages me to be quiet and be still.

Maybe this event is more for me, than the kids. Hum.

Praying that this event is amazing and children (and families) are blessed tomorrow.

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