Saturday, April 28, 2012

Six in Branson (Review & More)


If you were to describe Six's show in Branson, Mo., in one word it would be awesome.

But if you did it in six words it would be:Awesome. Electric. Amazing. Engaging. Impressive. Phenomenal.

Six Voices - Zero Instruments - All Music.

Using only their voices. The six brothers - Barry, Kevin, Lynn, Jak, Owen and Curtis Knudsen - have developed a performance that blends a variety of musical styles (everything from Sinatra to the Beach Boys) and comedy - woven between the acts - truly engages the audience.

Sitting in the theatre, it's like you are listening to a group of singers AND a full instrumental band featuring drums, horns and more.

They are that good. 

I'll be honest. We purchased the tickets for Six after a long day in Branson. We went into the theatre on a whim, not even sure if it was possible to get them - let alone get two seats together.

A friend of Laura's (my partner in crime) said "you should really check them out."

It must have been fate. Two tickets, near the front (left side) of the stage had just opened up. Together. When we asked if they were good, the clerk just said "yes take them."

Let's just say the clerk was right. The seats were great. We were slightly to stage right (on the left side of the room), two seats from the aisle, just a few rows back from the stage.

The only thing better would have been being in the same row, in the "middle" section - then I could have "tagged" myself in the Facebook pic Jax took and posted from the stage.. But with the way brothers engaged the audience, I truly don't think there was a bad seat in the house.

During the first "break" after the first introduction songs, I turned and looked at Laura and said "thank you" because going to the show was all her idea.

Suddenly the exhaustion of the day (I'm fighting a sinus infection) went away as the adrenaline rush of their performance kicked in.

This isn't your grandparent's show. It might not even be your parents' show.

For the first time in years, I truly felt like I was sitting in a Branson show that my entertainment needs.

But before you think it was just a "80's or 90's show," picture this. I saw high school students, their teachers, young newlyweds, and adults celebrating multiple anniversaries - all laughing and enjoying the moment.

Yes, there were people who grumbled about the intensity of the music - did I mention it was a bit loud? (Nothing you won't hear at a rock concert). And I saw others in my section leave at intermission. That was their loss.

And yes, others just sat there, not responding (or only responding slightly) to the antics of the guys.

So, let this be my official apology to the guy sitting next to me. Yes I was loud, yes, I clapped and yes, I did the YMCA dance with the crowd.

To answer your slightly sarcastic question at intermission ("you're not enjoying this at all are you?") um.... duh, YES!

I've been coming to Branson since I was 10. Living in Carthage meant that our vacations consisted of going to the county fair and to Silver Dollar City - with the occasional show in "town," especially if extended family came into town.

Let me tell you this. By far, Six is THE best show I've seen. Period.

I've only seen one other show that comes a close second (The Haygoods.). All of the other shows are good. But none compare. I've never engaged with a show like this.

It reminded me how something artistic like this can truly energize my creative side.

I'm glad I took a chance on an "unknown" show. It was truly worth it the splurge. I have a feeling I'll be seeing them again this year. (I'm hoping my cousin will read this and Branson/Six will weave into our "big birthday" celebration plans this summer.).

On a side note: The group did (in the second half) weave in the two "things" Branson shows are known for - God and Country.

But here's the deal. They did so with integrity. It didn't feel forced. It wasn't like they were just trying to "fit" the Branson mold. It truly seemed to come naturally. I was impressed with the authenticity of that part of their show.

Want to Know More About Six?
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A video of them singing With or Without You by U2

As a freelance journalist (and children's pastor), I am  sometimes provided comp stuff (usually books) to review. However, this was not the case in this instance. I purchased my ticket - just in case you (or the FTC) were worried about this detail.

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