Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Learning From Tweens

Tonight at Tween Time, I gave the students a chance to ask questions.

Any question.
Nothing was off limits.

I said I would "address" them all, but I might not 
answer them - because I would need to refer it to their parents
or get further research.

Honestly, two questions needed further research.
I'm not sure how to answer "what is God" 
to a tween looking for something deeper.
I'm not sure what answer she's looking for.

Another asked about what heaven was like.
(Hope I answered that one ok.)

The rest
besides whether or not I liked Peeta or Gail
or if I think One Direction is better than the Beetles, 
questions about me.

Where did I go to high school?
How did I decide to go into children's ministry?
Who is my crush?
(ok, asked WAY too many times)
Did I have a boyfriend?
(again.....asked multiple times)
- then I was entertained by how they thought 
I'd act IF I had a boyfriend - 
How old am I - in human AND in dog years
(um how do you figure dog years?)
and last, but not least
Did I love them?
(Always, I just don't like their actions

One student joked that I needed to try 
online dating sites 
since I have a "significant" birthday coming soon.
(did I know about or eHarmony)

Got to love Tweens
their enthusiasm for life, the craziness of things
and, well, their curiosity.

At least they keep me hopping!

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