Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Twelve on the Twelfth: March 2012

It's time again to take 12 photos on the 12th....
This month, I decided to snap 12 (ok yes, more than 12) photos
of things that made me smile (or laugh).

Technically I snapped this on the evening of Sunday, March 11.
Spencer lost his first tooth - and it took me all day to get him to 
a) smile and b) show me his missing tooth.
So seeing this photo on my phone on Monday,
made me smile again.

Several days a week, in the room across from my office, the
preschool students have music class. It's hard to have a bad
day when you are listening to them sing!

One of the Upward dads forwarded me a YouTube video
he made with the pics of his son's team. I even make a 
cameo in the first scene.

Getting ready for the mission trip. One of my friends, 
a dentist, provided tooth brushes for the mission trip.
We're going to use them as "prayer joggers."
We'll write the prayers on the brush (with sharpie)
and then it is geared for the kids to think about the
prayer request each time they brush.

 It's that time of year again, time to really dig in and
get things ready for VBS. 
Ready or Not, it's time!

One of my favorite beverages - slightly sweet tea 
from McAlister's. (I generally do unsweet tea
with a hit of sweet tea yummy.)

You just never know what you'll see at St. James.
Today it was "Elvis" singing for the Senior Lunch Bunch.
Elvis was in the building today.

Outside my office window is the playground for the 
preschool. I went outside on this beautiful day just to 
snap a few pics. Again, it's hard to be sad with the 
kiddos playing outside your window.

I went with some of my girls (pictures below) to serve
the first meal at Geyer Springs UMC.
We're going to have to earn some "street" cred with 
the people we're trying to serve, but we were able to send 
several meals to the homeless camp nearby.

Delaney and Lucy. These girls 
- and their passion for service - 
make me smile.

Allison and her dry sense of humor makes me smile. 
Before I got out of the car, she wanted to make sure I 
saw the app on her dad's phone that talks when you hold
it up to your mouth.

I don't usually have Skype activated on my laptop, 
but I happened to today. It let me catch Gretchen 
online so we could chat for a few minutes.

Ending the day with a cup of hot tea.
Even the cup makes me smile because Shelly Moran
gave it to me as a thank you while she worked 
for the Siloam Springs hospital.

The newest book on my Kindle App.
I "borrowed" it from the library and my turn finally
came up today. I've been wanting to try it, but 
decided I would read it first before buying.

Ending the day wrapped in the prayer shawl that the 
St. James Prayer Shawl Ministry team gave me 
during "eye gate." last fall. 
(The lamp also makes me smile because dad bought 
it for me - it's made from an old milk bottle.


  1. I love getting this glimpse into your day! Thanks for participating in Ella's Take 12 project!


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