Saturday, March 24, 2012


I've been working up photos today from Destination: Fort Smith.

This photo from Friday's outreach carnival is one of my favorites.

I snapped this right after Emma handed the Salvation Army rep (Terri) the Visa gift card(s) with the donations we set aside for the ministries we help during the mission trips.

We gave the Salvation Army "two" donations ($100 each) for the two different ministries we helped with this week. The first, primarily for the shelter/thrift store side of their ministry. The second, for the community outreach ministries (like the carnival we helped host at the apartment complexes.)

They (Salvation Army folks) were completely blown away by our students and the way they helped out. They also were surprised that our team not only made a donation with their service but also with funds (part of the money kids pay to go on the mission trip.)

It was a good experience. At least half of the students involved in Destination: Fort Smith were completing their first mission trip. They grew. They learned. They stepped out on faith - and they had fun.

I'm sure I'll have more as I continue to process this experience.

For now, Destination: Fort Smith is in the books.

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