Thursday, March 22, 2012


One of the things/people I've been blessed with this week, is getting to know Zoe - a high school student from one of the participating churches.

Zoe came on the Destination: Fort Smith trip as a "Girl Friday" - also known as a "can you do this" or "can you do that" helper.

Zoe came on the trip to help organize the "Happies" and to be our "right hand gal." She gave up three days of her spring break to help a group of younger students have a good experience.

For many of the students, this is their first mission trip.Zoe said - in passing today - how her trips like this have meant to her - and that's why she wanted to be part of this experience.

Oh, an explanation for the costume - the Salvation Army really wanted to have a "clown" type person to be at the outreach carnival tomorrow. They had been praying about it - and a costume was donated this week that would make it work.

The only question left was who would be this person.

Zoe stepped up to the challenge. She was more than willing to dress up, and be a bit silly, all for a good cause.

Tonight I'm grateful for Zoe and her willingness to come on this trip.

Her enthusiasm for life and for faith is a huge encouragement to me.

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